The Best CPAP Machine and Accessories Cleaner Available

The Best CPAP Machine and Accessories Cleaner Available

Anyone who has used a CPAP machine for more than a day has certainly wished there was a simpler method to clean the many parts and pieces that go along with it. Automatic CPAP cleaners claim to do this for you with the touch of a button; the question is, do they actually disinfect the device? In other words, will they make hand washing obsolete? In that case, does ozone or ultraviolet light fare better?

Today, we’ll discuss CPAP cleaners and address some of the most often asked concerns regarding them. If you think a CPAP cleaner may benefit your sleep hygiene, keep reading to learn more about the top models on the market.

Can I Get by Without a CPAP Cleaner?

Is a CPAP sanitizer essential? The answer may come as a surprise to you, so be ready: no. A CPAP cleaner isn’t compulsory. However, if you don’t clean your cpap machine frequently, it can become a breeding ground for germs, mould, mildew, and other harmful pathogens. However, it is usually sufficient to clean with warm, soapy water on a regular basis to avoid the accumulation of germs.

People invest in CPAP sterilisers for a number of reasons. The majority of CPAP users don’t clean their machines as often as they should. We know how annoying it is to have to clean the mask cushion and tube every day. Even while ozone gas and UV light won’t get rid of oils, perspiration, makeup, and dead skin cells from your hands, a CPAP cleaning device can be a quick and easy solution to maintain your CPAP equipment sanitary in between hand washings.

The Best CPAP Machine and Accessories Cleaner Available

We don’t want you to be one of the millions of CPAP users who don’t clean their machines as often as they should, but if that describes you, a CPAP sanitizer may be worth looking into.

Does Using a CPAP Sanitizer Reduce Germs?

Yes! These CPAP machines employ the same ultraviolet (UV) or ozone (O3) technology that is used to disinfect surfaces in numerous healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and food service establishments. Independent laboratory research has demonstrated that both UV and ozone are about 99.99% successful at eliminating potentially hazardous germs, and the FDA is actively collaborating with manufacturers to assess the efficacy of these devices.

  • CPAP sterilisers that use ozone vs. those that use ultraviolet light
  • Cleaners that use ozone to disinfect CPAP machines

Natural ozone, often known as O3 or activated oxygen, is a gas with a number of other names. The oxidation process causes the death of the microorganisms or germs from the inside out. In order to disinfect your CPAP equipment, ozone cleaners produce O3, which is then dispersed throughout your supplies via an internal fan or the blower from your CPAP machine. Most ozone sanitizers have a fresh air cycle and cartridge filters to decompose the ozone back into oxygen when the cleaning cycle is complete.

The Best CPAP Machine and Accessories Cleaner Available

Advantage of Ozone CPAP Cleaners

  • Ozone gas can penetrate parts of your CPAP machine that are inaccessible to UV light.
  • You won’t need a separate adapter for your CPAP hose.
  • The CPAP mask may be cleaned without taking apart any of its parts.

The Downside of Ozone CPAP Cleaners

Long waiting period after cleaning cycle. Because even a little amount of ozone used for disinfection can be dangerous, it’s crucial that you adhere to the manufacturer’s directions and give the cycle its full allotted time.

  • Only use for cleaning CPAP equipment and accessories; not for general cleaning.
  • Filter replacement and possible adapter needed.

Cleaners that use ultraviolet light for CPAP machines

The sun’s UV rays are well-known to the general public. To produce this high-energy UVB or UVC light that kills germs, UV cleaners employ specialised lamps or LEDs. The illumination from these gadgets is kept within their own housings, thus it has no effect outside of those areas.

Merits of UV CPAP Cleaners

Cleans CPAP equipment in minutes; sanitises other items like toothbrushes, dentures, jewellery, etc.; doesn’t need filters or adapters; and there’s no downtime thereafter.

Demerits of Using a UV CPAP Cleaner 

  • UV light can only clean what it can contact, and it cannot go into your CPAP equipment.
  • You’ll need a separate tool to keep your CPAP tubing clean.
  • Its cleaning chamber can only accommodate small items.

Here Are the Top CPAP Machine Washers

Today, there is a dizzying array of CPAP sanitizers vying for your business, making it difficult to zero down on the best option. To help you get the most value for your money, we’ve highlighted a few of our top picks, each of which combines cutting-edge technology with an affordable pricing.

The Paptizer by Liviliti is the most cutting-edge CPAP disinfectant available today.

Your CPAP mask, tubing, headgear, and humidifier water chamber will all fit comfortably within the Paptizer because it has the highest capacity of any UV sanitizer on the market. It has more LEDs than any other cleaner and can disinfect a whole room in only three minutes because to its 5-sided design.

There is no mercury in the LED bulbs, and the lights have a lifespan of 10,000 hours. Disinfects anything that fits within, has the largest internal capacity, and kills 99.99% of germs in three minutes. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

The Best CPAP Machine and Accessories Cleaner Available

SoClean 3 is the most effective all-in-one ozone CPAP sanitizer.

If you use a CPAP machine, you should upgrade to the SoClean 3, the latest and greatest version of the industry-leading cleaner. As opposed to other sanitizers, this one stays linked to your CPAP machine once you’ve set it up the first time. And because SoClean 3 is fully automated, you may set up a cleaning in the morning, and your CPAP supplies will be clean and ready to use before bedtime.


Fully automated so you never have to remember to switch it on; sanitises your CPAP machine and supplies without taking your equipment apart; has a USB charging connector for your phone; has a 5-minute fresh air cycle; and requires no setup or disassembly.

The Lumin + Lumin Bullet from 3B is the Best UV CPAP Sanitizer Combo.

The Lumin CPAP sanitizer and the Lumin Bullet (both available for purchase separately) make for a potent duo. The key lies in the Bullet’s unparalleled capacity to clean the inside of your CPAP tube. The Lumin can be used to sterilise your mask, headgear, and CPAP accessories, while the Lumin Bullet makes use of magnets and an LED probe to reach places that standard UV sterilisers can’t.


No filters or adapters are required, and the CPAP supplies may be sterilised in only 5 minutes with the Lumin. Additionally, the Lumin Bullet can sterilise the CPAP hose in as little as 2 minutes.

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